The Face of Threaded Metal


Welcome friends! My name is Sarah, and I'm the creator of Threaded Metal.

The people who know me best describe me as creative, independent, and forthright.

I have dabbled in many forms of visual art, including etching and printmaking, pottery, weaving, metal working, but realistic pencil drawings (this is the piece of which I am most proud) and acrylic paintings are closest to my heart. With many years of fine arts schooling under my belt, I have turned my focus to designing and creating beaded and chainmail jewellery, and I've started putting my sewing skills to good use designing and creating fabric purses and clutches. I am, for the most part, a one woman show, so I handle marketing, photography, graphic design, and each piece I have for sale is made by me.

See something you like but want a different colour or size? I would love to work with you to bring your idea to life!

Would you like to know more? I'm an avid recycler and enjoy blending old clothing with new materials. I hoard cosmetics, all cruelty free, of course, and am a proud herbivore. A tour of my apartment would reveal a passion for 1970's green, and an ever growing collection of movies, with Horror, Canadian cinema, Danish cinema at the top of the list. The space is shared with a friendly rabbit, and a very feisty lovebird.

I'm sure there's more, but that should paint a decent picture to start.